I. Ordering & Payment

Why do I need iPORT?

iPORT is a marketing solution that communicates directly with your patients. In the reception area you can customize your message to highlight your services, introduce new products and run promotions. In the exam lane you can educate your patients and make recommendations. With iPORT’s website product you can extend your reach to new and existing patients and continue educating and informing them about your practice and services.

How long is a contract?

iPORT Optical Network, iPORT Exam Lane and iPORT PEC are all sold as a one year subscription. After the expiration of one year you may cancel on 45 days’ notice.

What is included?

Your iPORT Optical Network includes a computer, professional installation including low voltage cabling and warranty for as long as you are a subscriber. We will use your existing monitor if compatible, if not we will find one that fits your needs at cost. iPORT Exam Lane and iPORT PEC consists of all of iPORT’s educational videos for your laptop, tablet or website. All products come with a help desk and access to iPORT’s industry leading content library.

Do I need to order multiple systems if I have more than one waiting room or multiple exam lanes?

No, each location is covered by one subscription. You can have as many waiting rooms or exam rooms as you like and pay one flat subscription fee for each product. You must however pay for additional equipment (monitors, computers, installation) as part of the installation process. You only need to purchase additional subscriptions and pay additional monthly fees if you have multiple offices or locations.

The Optical Network has two options – Ad insertion and Ad free- please explain?

iPORT sells commercial time and inserts it into your playlist on a given ad cycle to advertisers. Some practices prefer that their playlist remain commercial free. A practice may do so for a higher monthly fee.


II. Installation

What is the installation process?

Once a Subscription Agreement is completed, iPORT or our installation representative will call or visit to determine screen placement, mounting options, etc. They will also verify the availability of a high speed internet connection and work with you to determine placement of the system. Normally, this process takes less than an hour. Installation is scheduled shortly after this stage. The entire installation process should be completed within 30 days.

How long does it take to actually install?

The standard iPORT system takes less than one-half of a day to install. This time will vary by location and complexity.

What type of Internet connection do I need?

DSL, Cable, T-1, or 2-way Satellite. An 800k minimum high speed connection is required.

Who pays for the Internet connection?

Each location is responsible for the Internet connection costs. Please note that this connection need not be a dedicated line. We are able to share the Internet connection with your other network needs.


III. Equipment

Who owns the equipment?

The computer or media player is the property of iPORT for the term of the agreement. Any additional screens purchased or provided by the Subscriber are the property of the Subscriber.

Who maintains the equipment?

iPORT Media is responsible for maintaining the equipment it provides.

Who do I call if something isn’t working properly?

iPORT’s help desk can be reached at 800-842-4261. Give us a call if you have any questions.

What happens to the equipment at the end of the agreement?

At the Subscribers option, the agreement can be renewed, or iPORT will remove the equipment from the location. If the equipment is removed, any wall repairs will be the responsibility of the Subscriber.

Can I move the equipment to another location?

Yes, however there is a relocation fee. iPORT must arrange for the equipment to be moved to a new store or practice location. Subscribers are not permitted to move the screens within a location without consent from iPORT Media.

Who insures the equipment?

IPORT Media insures all of the equipment it installs for liability purposes.

Each Subscriber must provide property/casualty insurance for all equipment.

What if new technology becomes available?

iPORT, at its discretion, will update out of date equipment as appropriate so that each Subscriber gets the maximum benefit from the iPORT Media Network.

What if I already have a screen why might it not be compatible?

We can use an existing screen if it is compatible with our software and has the correct ports. If not, we will procure a screen for you at cost


IV. Content & Programming

What is Content?

Content refers to the media spots available for you to program into your waiting room, exam lane and website.

How is iPORT content customized?

A key feature of iPORT is that each practice selects the content they want to play on the Optical Network in the reception area. In addition to selecting your playlist, iPORT has many templates that be customized. With our tools you can include a personal message with any spot or playlist, or add a scrolling message to a spot or playlist. Through these tools you can run promotions, introduce new products and highlight your services.

What kind of content is available?

iPORT currently offers over 400 different content options for eye care professionals The content consists of Educational Spots, Branded Spots, Entertainment and Custom Content.

What categories are available?

IPORT Media content is divided into nine categories: Frames, Lenses, Contacts, Procedures, Educational, Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Custom and Public Service.

What is Custom Content?

Custom Content includes videos, messages or pictures that the practice has recorded. It can consist of “Welcome to the practice” video or a personalized message from the doctor. If a practice has their own video or message that they would like to add to their library they can do so. Simply contact iPORT, and we will upload your custom content into your personalized media hub.

Where does the other content come from?

Content comes from four sources: iPORT Media, branded advertisers, content licensors such as AccuWeather and EyeMotion and you, the Subscriber. IPORT Media offers several professionally produced education spots that can be used to educate your patients. Vendors provide a variety of spots promoting their products and services. Content that you provide can be used to create custom spots for your practice.

Where can I see the available content?

Some of the available content can be viewed at http://www.iportnetworks.com/sample/

To view the entire content library, contact iPORT Media at 312.440.6000.

How often is content updated?

We are adding new content to our library frequently. With new advancements in the eye care industry and new products coming from vendors, there is always a steady flow of new content to select. News, local weather and sports are updated daily.

How do I program iPORT?

iPORT is easy to program from internet connection. You will receive your own unique log in credentials and from iPORT’s website using our proprietary Media Hub you can preview, customize and program your own playlist.

What is a playlist?

A playlist (or loop) is the list of media clips that are displayed on your iPORT Media screens. The loop is completely customized by the Subscriber for each location and practice.

Can I create multiple playlists?

Yes, you can create several playlists and schedule to play them at different times. Schedule a playlist to correspond with your patient base and services you perform for them.

Can I play movies or sports on the system?

The iPORT Media Network is intended for marketing and commercial purposes only. Any content not supplied by iPORT is strictly prohibited.

How often can I change my playlist?

You may change you playlist as often as you like. All you need is an internet connection and a computer.

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