Patient Education

iPORT Features a Comprehensive Eye Care Video Library Created by Healthcare Experts

iPORT Media’s eye care and eye health spots are generic and do not promote a specific brand, but rather explain the benefits of medical procedures and the pathology of common ophthalmological diseases. 3-D animation (as opposed to real surgery footage) comforts and informs patients about procedures they are about to undergo.

Corneal Molding

Polycarbonate Lenses

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

Content is provided and curated by industry experts; Topics Include:

Eye Health
Disease, environmental and man-made hazards such as computer use, glare and polarization.

Eye Exams
Equipment, procedures, tests and diagnoses.

Anatomy of the eye, the mechanics and processes of human vision.

Eye Fashion
Accessories, proper fit, frame and contact lenses.

Sports/polycarbonate eyewear, impact resistant and/or anti-reflective lenses.

New Technology
Product improvements, new products and the benefits they offer.

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