“People’s attitudes to advertising have changed. Rather than being interrupted by a brand, they want to be engaged by one.”

iPort creates an environment of engagement by educating patients on eyecare health and informing them on what branded solutions are available.

iPORT Media delivers access to an audience at the point of service that is both captive and interested in your products. Our network displays your company’s marketing videos in eye care reception areas. Most eye care patients will need to purchase contact lenses, eyeglasses, or other goods or services during their visit. On average, patients spend approximately 20 minutes in the eye care reception area—time that can be spent learning about eye care products along with general products and services. Through the iPORT Media Network, your spots will air in a target-rich environment to an attractive demographic nationwide. You can successfully raise brand awareness, bolster new product launches, and increase revenue.

Our current advertising partners appreciate the flexibility and customization of the iPORT Media Network. You can choose the length of the video spots you’d like to play and the frequency with which they appear. You can choose to advertise across the entire network, or only to specific locations based on your media plan. Ad insertions traditionally occur on an ad cycle of approximately 20 minutes to insure that your ad is viewed by all traffic in the office. This frequency can be changed to meet your audience reach criteria. To enhance your ad program, your direct sales force can work with eye care providers to include location-specific promotional messages as scrolling text or static images in the provider’s playlist.

Eye care providers rave about our service: 80% of iPORT users would recommend iPORT to their colleagues. It creates immediate product awareness, and it promotes dialogue between the doctor and the patient. Doctors and technicians will become more familiar with your products, too—meaning that they can reinforce the value of your brand during their face-to-face interactions with patients. 49% of doctors report that patients have mentioned the programming they have seen on iPORT during their visit.

Proof Of Play Reports

iPORT Media understands the challenges that come with digital advertising solutions. iPORT offers robust reporting tools that give you powerful metrics. On a monthly basis, you can see the number of practices your advertisement has played in, the number of times it has played, and the total time in hours that it has been displayed.

iPORT Media runs on a state-of-the-art technology platform. From our Network Admin Dashboard, we monitor the connection status of the network of media players in real-time. This maximizes the up time for all locations in your ad program. You can rest easy knowing that your advertisement is distributed by one of the most efficient, reliable platforms in the industry.

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