Reception Area

The iPORT Optical Network is a marketing solution customized by you for your patient reception area. From a library of over 400 pieces of content the network offers the flexibility to create multiple playlists that you may schedule to play at different times.. The big iPORT advantage is that the Optical Network can be customized to reflect your marketing goals. You will have the ability to easily create promotions for the products and services offered by your office at any time. The messaging can be changed as often as you like as you are in control of the content.The iPORT network is a proven marketing solution which enables a practice at the Point of Service to:

Introduce New Products
Educate Patients
Run Promotions and Specials
Highlight Premium Products

Relevant Content + Custom Marketing = Increased Revenue

49% of iPORT subscribers report that patients have mentioned the programming they have seen on the iPORT Optical Network during their visit. The average patient spends approximately 20 minutes in the reception area—why not use iPORT Optical Network to make the most of it?

Through the iPORT proprietary Media Hub, you can create playlists and customize the promotions with exciting templates and customizable scrolling text, it’s that easy. Learn more about the Media Hub here.

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